The Architecture of the Priory

The ancient Priory Church is acclaimed by everyone who comes. Its walls have obviously absorbed generations of prayer and its atmosphere quickly evokes an awareness of the presence of God. It is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

The parish office is situated above the church main entrance, the bookshop is housed under the tower, and the coffee shop provides drinks and lunches each day. It is a useful meeting room. The choir vestry makes a good song school. There is a gallery on the west wall, giving a maximum seating capacity for the whole church of 550.

The church hosts many special services through the year for civic, school and county occasions, and we feel privileged to have such a fitting resource to offer for these occasions.

The Priory Hall serves as a meeting space for larger groups, our Mustard Seed project, the thriving Over 60s club, and the congregation social occasions. It is regularly used by prisoners families on their visit days.


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